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I'm a Frontend Developer

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My name is Nicolás Biondini, and I am a 24-year-old developer from Argentina. I specialize in Front-End development, and before that,I studied Economics at Universidad Nacional del Sur for three years.

My interest in technology has been a longstanding passion of mine. During my first year of college, I began developing an interest in tech businesses such as Silicon Valley and Startups. This led me to study finance, business models, marketing, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and all other aspects of startup and tech companies in my own time.

My love and passion for tech companies continued to grow, and I was excited to be a part of them. I possessed a basic understanding of business and marketing but was missing the crucial third leg of the table: coding. It was frustrating to understand concepts but not be able to contribute to the real world due to a lack of understanding of how tech works.

That's why, after completing my third year of university, I decided to leave Economics and begin learning how to code. This occurred at the beginning of 2020, just during the pandemic. As a result, I committed myself to learn 10 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

I began with a Python book but felt lost after completing it. I then discovered a web development roadmap and started with Harvard's CS50 course, an HTML and CSS book, Free Code Camp certifications, and so on.

In 2022, my journey into the world of Web3 began by attending meetups and events in Buenos Aires. I quickly got involved in projects as a developer and was amazed by the level of collaboration and innovation happening in the space.

To further develop my skills, I took a course at Alchemy University , which provided me with a solid foundation in Solidity and the opportunity to experiment with writing my own contracts. Being part of the Web3 community has been incredibly rewarding, and I'm constantly learning from the people around me.

And here I am, feeling pretty good about my abilities and having plenty of energy, motivation, and ambition to keep growing and learning each day.


01. YT AI

The project is a web application that takes a YouTube video link as input and automatically generates a blog post or a Twitter thread summarizing the video's content.

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02. Beat

With Beat you can get real metrics of your daily activities.

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03. Filmanía

Filmanía is the name of my personal blog, and it is the place where I publish some posts talking about cinema.

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